Industrial Electrical

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Industrial Electrical

Industrial Electrical | Porpiglia Electrical Contractors Inc. : Milton, NY

Industrial electrical work is a bit difficult, in that it requires careful attention to detail from start to finish that other projects might not require. That’s not to say that all projects don’t require attention to detail, of course, but industrial needs are highly unique. They require enough electricity to power heavy machinery, but not so much that it actually damages that equipment. Things must be wired so that they’re fail-safe, and highly resilient, and those tasks must be done by a leading industrial electrical contractor.

Porpiglia Electrical Contractors Inc. is the Right Industrial Contractor for Newburgh

The wealth of contracting experience enjoyed by the professionals at Porpiglia Electrical Contractors Inc. makes us the perfect option for local businesses that are looking to open a new industrial facility, or rewire an old one. We’ve done this before, and our success has led to a thriving industrial sector in Newburgh that is well-wired, highly resilient, and able to compete with any town in New York or beyond.